Annelinn - Tartu


  • date of construction: 1980s

  • area: 690 ha 

  • population 2018: 93 124 people 

  • 30 % Russian-speakers

  • 70% Estonians

Annelinn-Jaamamõisa is a housing estate in the eastern part of Tartu, the regional Centre of South Estonia, comprising of 6,9 km² which is 18% of Tartu’s territory. The area consists of 2 finished and 1 unfinished mikrorayons (Annelinn) and the adjacent smaller Jaamamõisa quarter, a housing stock that was originally established for Soviet military personnel. Annelinn was built during the 1980s and consists of mainly 5-storey panel houses whereas Jaamamõisa has 9- and 12- storey buildings as well. The proportion of Russian-speakers here is the highest in Tartu, about 30%. Therefore many Russian-speaking infrastructure (child care, schools) exists in Annelinn-Jaamamõisa.

Compared to other housing estate districts in Estonia and in Eastern Europe, Annelinn-Jaamamõisa is socially relatively stable. Parallel to the aging of local residents, today, this area also hosts many students and young households. Meanwhile in the 1990s housing construction in Annelinn-Jaamamõisa was still rather high compared to other districts, in the 2000s the situations has reversed. Hence, Annelinn-Jaamamõisa has recently been the target of innovative public policies and it has been the first housing estate district in Estonia where an active neighborhood association has been created.